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Through enabling and helping the Girl Child Education in East Africa, Uganda 

With reference to reports from UNESCO, Uganda was spotted having the highest number of female school drop outs in the region of East Africa. These alarming numbers of more than 50% girls failing to complete school out of the 100% who start impel reasons from early pregnancies, early marriages, ill cultural practices, hidden costs at schools, family responsibilities among others.

Enabling every girl child coming from an underprivileged family in the most remote area be able to attend and complete school with minimized obstacles. As well as setting up wells and boreholes which will ease access to free clean water for the large rural population.

We look towards an environment deserving proper education with minimized obstacles for every girl child and every remote community with free clean water. In March 2017, Prince Wako Foundation under sole sponsorship from its founder started providing scholastic materials like menstrual pads, shoes, books and uniforms to some of the most vulnerable children in Uganda and urban refugees in Kenya. We hope this will gradually reduce the numbers of girls dropping out of school and increase enrollment however the organization is underway to expand a number of programs which involve the direct beneficiaries, their parents and the communities in which they come from to have concrete long term solutions that will increase girl child enrollment in school.

Over 85 percent of Uganda’s 35 million population live in rural areas, and nearly two thirds of this population lack access to safe water. In the next financial year, the PWF decided to tackle the water problem with setting up of boreholes in the most remote areas which have no access to free clean water. This in anticipation will reduce work load given to girl children and their mothers as well as benefit their communities.

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