Prince Wako Foundation(PWF) - We help unprivileged girl children to access education, clean water, and health.

We are a team of young professionals dedicated to working with Prince Wako on a lifelong cause towards helping minorities achieve dignity. We believe that through a gradual process.

Sustainable solutions

We can provide sustainable solutions to most challenges minorities grapple with. At this point in time, we are mainly putting the focus on the girl child. It does not matter where one is, the world is now a global village. At Prince Wako Foundation, our bond has helped us work from the different countries we are based such as Uganda, Norway, Kenya, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

This is because we share similar values and interests towards humanity. This makes Prince Wako foundation well recognized as an action-oriented Charity organization made up of young professionals from different walks of life with zeal for Girl Child Empowerment.

Every Girl Child from a less privileged background can attend school, get basic necessities, have access to clean safe water, and live a dignified life

Over the years, we have initiated projects in Uganda, Kenya, and South Sudan to enable the Girl Child from underprivileged backgrounds to attend school, get basic necessities, have access to clean safe water, and live a dignified life. Our team of dedicated individuals works to carry out a series of programs throughout the year, most especially in developing countries. We believe the action that empowers the Girl Child, is development-oriented and geared towards ending child marriage. This development will definitely help the world in general to realize more Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable Development Goals

Did you know, that without ending child marriages, certain Sustainable Development Goals cannot be achieved? With the dark cloud of child marriage still looming over our societies, the ugly head of poverty will always show up, we will still have to deal with hunger, poor health, gender inequality, injustices, and poor economic situations.

The United Nations estimates that over 12 million girls are married off all over the world every year before the age of 18. The same statistics inform us that girls from poor families are more likely to marry when still children as opposed to those from wealthy families.

This means the vicious circles of poverty and inequality will be kept alive if child marriages do not become a thing of the past. These are glaring obstacles to development. We warmly welcome you to join us on achieving dignity for minorities in crisis especially a Girl Child.

The Team at Prince Wako Foundation(PWF)

Director at PWF


Prince Wako Joshua

Board Member PWF

Sam Jumbwike

Board Member (Uganda)

Researcher and Gender Equality Advocate (PWF)

Dr Sheila Nankoberanyi

Gender Equality Advocate (Australia)

Support and Advocacy (PWF)

Director of Advocacy (Australia)

Ashely Mugabi

Dr George Williams Mbogo

Co-ordinator (PWF)

Nabuya Hilda

Co-ordinator (Uganda)

Patron (PWF)

Hon Namukuta Brendah

Woman Member of Parliament Kaliro